Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: Merida takes the Big Four “swimming”. 

  • gd: (bumps into staff)
  • staff: ow
  • gd: omg im so sorry im so sorry sorry sorry im so sorry
  • staff: its ok
  • gd: no im so sorry it was my fault sorry
  • staff: no seriously its fine
  • gd: here have this bottle of chanel perfume take it here
  • staff: what
  • gd: im so sorry bye
  • staff:
  • staff: what


So when Fantastic Baby (enc.) ended, this Kwon Jiyong decided to walk and sat there for the whole 2.30 minutes of Bad Boy (enc.). Maybe it was planned like “Oh we haven’t seen them as 5 in a while, let’s give them ultimate fanservice.”

Then Seungri went around in the edges to let people record him, TOP sat in the edge of the stage, holding hands with a fan. Then this person right here, stayed doing whatever he wanted to do like it’s all normal, also decided to stand up using the most provocative way possible, showing his crotch to the world because he can. I don’t even know how the fan who was holding the iPad could survive, didn’t shriek weirdly (because I did) and still did a good job on fancaming him.

Bonus: I realized he looked like he really is bald in this gif, maybe it’d make you feel better.


100 Days of Youngbae || Day 81

G-Dragon receives the ‘Best Producer Award’ for Yang Hyun Suk


original pic by yg-addict ♥

Psy told me to dance to Gangnam Style if I’m going to accept the award for Psy. I will deliever this to Psy safely! - Seungri